North East – General Information

Northeast of India is the land of Blue Mountains, Green Valleys and Red River.

Nestled in the lesser known Easternmost Himalayas this region is abundant in natural Beauty, Wild life, Flora & Fauna and its colourful peoples. A blend of which makes it the most beautiful Eco-Tourism destination in South Asia.

The land of Majestic Mountains, crowned with peaks of sapphire blue -the North-East happens to be the region where the sun rises first in the entire country. With first rays of Dawn in India incidentally falling on Dong, a pristine small village in the easternmost corner of the North-East we were heading towards the Sun Rise country.

The people of the region are mostly Mongoloid in origin, their racial origins being visibly those of the peoples of Tibet, Burma, Thailand and Laos. They consequently have little in common with the rest of India.

Whilst some of the more accessible regions came under British Administration under the Raj, much of the region, being covered in mountains and jungles and home to warring tribal groups such as the notorious ‘Naked Naga’ headhunters remained off-limits. Although some tribal people fought with the British and Indian forces in the decisive battles in Nagaland that turned back the Japanese in WW11, political unrest continued after Indian Independence, with head hunting raids persisting in remote areas into the 1960s. The situation was further exacerbated by the Chinese incursion into Arunachal Pradesh in1962 when they reached as far as Assam, their gateway to India, before running out of supplies and being pushed back to Chinese Occupied Tibet.

Throughout this time, the seven states continued to suffer from ethnic violence and even today, there are still some freedom movements from both the Bodos of Assam and the Naga people though they no longer seem to receive much popular support. There are also tribal struggles between the Kukis and Nagas of Manipur and similar unrest in Tripura. Additionally, there are some border incursions, particularly from Myanmar and an influx of migrants the area can ill afford, from Bangladesh and Nepal.

Whilst all this sounds enough to put anyone off, I must say that our journey was problem free throughout. At a time when the world is paranoid about 9.11. and its global repercussions, it couldn’t have been more peaceful. We were overwhelmed by hospitality. The only guns we saw were those of the Indian Army present in understandable abundance on the roads of Arunachal Pradesh where there are strong memories of pillaging by the Chinese, and on some of the major roads in Nagaland, key to the area’s security. Even the people at the checkpoints were polite, which made a refreshing change!

The region is a tourist heaven beckoning one who needs to relax and unwind.

For those who yearn for adventure and excitement there are mystique & romance in exploring wild life in its true forms in their natural habitat, experiencing gushing streams & waterfalls, picturesque mountain ranges- all fostered by mother nature. It is the perfect Holiday one could expect away from the crowd straight into the lap of Nature.